She's the only person in the world who can say that word and not mean a greeting.   She's packed a dictionary of definitions into that word and the more time I spent with her, I gleaned titbits of background on "Hullo"'s origin.   But she opened up a thousand more lines of inquiry.

So where did it all start, as DQ asked me, through gritted teeth, on Saturday afternoon.  At first I thought it was the Toowong Village Food Court, learning L's name.   I grew to enjoy spending my lunches with two beautiful smiling vivacious women.  (One just a bit more so than the other).

But with a bit more effort I remembered a night in the Capitol with B, watching some crap record launch.   I remember talking to S, just chit chat, then her asking for a nibble.   I obliged, gratis, and waived her off, admiring her receding form.

Time before that though, years ago in 94/95, visits to Dixon St to see M and A.   Back then it was "B & S" (gorgeous, quiet S).

Back to present.   Lunches at the Toowong Foodcourt drew a promise of a freeby to 24/7 (Bob Hoskin movie).  Depression after that as she dislike the movie, I liked it.

Next night, shopping together - a suit bought at Powerhouse.  "A suit must match your eyes" she says.   That was Thursday, 6/8/98.   Friday, she asks if I can pick her up from the Capitol.   We drove out Mt Nebo way till 2am.   Nirvana, Cowboy Junkies.   Talked till 5am.   bed, held hands, bad circulation, softness explored and discovered.   Smiling non-stop.

Had to leave there early.  Had no breakfast taste.  Damn,

Radiothon weekend.  Mind swamped by confusion and opiates and benzos.  Any real emotions?   I feel attracted.   Aesthetically perfect.  She worries about a pimple, I worry about my silly goatee and the hidden lies of warted thumbs (burns I lie).  Have I started on a basis of lies?

A weekend of tiredness, a weekend of no sleep but constant awakenings.