A feeling of sheer and extreme frustration with everything.

This keyboard doesn't type fast enough.
My mind thinks of frustrations too fast for my clumsy fingers to put them into this document.
the bus driver drove the bus home too unsteadily, i was slopped around like custard in a bucket.
I said to Sharyn at 5:02pm "I have to run for the (5:08) train", she responded with four minutes of what tasks she wants me to conduct next week, I missed the last train till 5:35pm
My hair is in my eyes constantly, it should have been cut ages ago.
This font is too small for Simone to read, I will have to enlarge it.
Dani was texting for gabo. Her problems are seeping into my life like water from my neighbour's flat.
The flat is dirty.
The flat smells of last night's Rainbow Trout.

I guess it's not an overwhelming number of frustrations, perhaps it's just that I cannot cope with them right now. The usual protective shield that gabo casts around me has inexplicably failed. Perhaps that's what disturbs me the most, more than any of the minutiae I just listed.