Five days straight using.  Crap every day, so I felt nothing each time, in fact all I felt was the lack of gear the next day, prompting me to return and be burnt again.  Boom, there goes the GST money.   I was kind of hoping Howard would lose, Latham would become PM and maybe retrospectively cancel my GST debt, but no such luck.  You can't be a junkie (I was going to say successful junkie but that'd be an oxymoron) without being able to stake your future on such long bets.

Needless to say I lost, but the gear helped me get over my sense of failure. We have the delightfully astute Mr Howard for another few years again.  I heard a story on ABC Radio this morning about how Australia used to be top of the AIDS education, but has now slipped behind Europe.  I wonder what the future holds?

Well dealer had his phone off all evening so it's enforced abstinence, if metro is abstinence.  I'm off to watch Oz.