I invented a word today. If you're not having children, I figure that words will have to be your legacy. If I was an architect then perhaps some building would live on after me. But I am no architect.

In the 90s I coined the phrase 'streetspoon' for a disposable spoon, constructed by placing two sharps wrappers on top of each other and mixing up in the large recess that houses the plunger crosspiece.

Now, I have my detractors (as do all famous types) who will say the phrase was around before I invented it. But do they have documented diarised references from before 1994? Perhaps not.

Anyway, this century's word is 'bleedover'.

Okay, maybe it's been around before, a quick google reveals its use in radio/communications. One frequency 'bleeding' into another frequency, resulting in the listener picking up a mishmash of two signals.

But in my proposed definition it's a gabo term (surprise surprise!). An example of it use -

"When I scored this morning my shot caused S some bleedover".

i.e. by giving in and scoring, I drag S into my disasters, she uses too and is a victim. Sort of a collateral damage in the War on Drugs. When I score, she wants to come along and participate. I should have abstained today, not twice but at least once. Instead, I gave in and am now so stoned my eyes hurt. A rare occurrence, but quadruple dosing on metro and then $100 of gear will do this.

Your usage bleeds over into someone close to you's life. Bleedover accounts for the misery a junkie's parent feels. An employer sacking their otherwise dependable employee for walking out at 10am and coming back an hour later rubbing their nose is acting in the bleedover zone.

It's a word that has a bright future in front of it.

Try to work it into a conversation today. And if asked what it means, point them back to this page, please!


the aim of life is to put together a soundtrack , perfectly matched to the song of your life. It will be as unique as your DNA, but a little more meaningful to your fiends. Ideally it should be ready to play at your internment. Be prepared, as the Scouts say. I saw a clubhouse the other day where they'd built the word 'Scouts' into the wall with different coloured Besser Blocks. That's being prepared.