I now have to Edyutj my html files.  Ever since I downloaded a version of MS Visio 2003 and installed it, despite the obvious signs that this app wasn't in English, I have had a whole heap of diverse menus appearing in (I think) Polish instead of English.  Why does MS Visio change the language of my right-click menus in Explorer I ask?  This is a kind of slippery slope though, analysing behaviour of ones surrounds.  I mean, u start with a Polish menu on your desktop, move to your damaged flatmate's physical interactions and before you know it you have ended up determining that you cannot prove that the whole universe isn't some clay animator's wet dream, with the entire universe stopping every millisecond, then every object being tweaked by hand, my right eyelid pushed down 70 nM, 412,361 neurons in distinct parts of my brain being triggered to fire, a burger flipper in Omaha having his front tooth pushed back 200nM by a lead bullet slowly moving across the bench from the frozen gunman's "piece".

You end up knowing you can never disprove this hypothesis, that you have to accept that it is "too implausible" for a working model.  Then you think of quantum physics and particles diverging at lightspeed communicating FTL across the void to share their states...and improbability doesn't go out the window, instead it opens the front door and walks over to your couch and makes itself at home.  Coz improbability is looking more and more like the underpinnings of the very stuff of the universe.  So who's to say an animator's wet-dream isn't plausible.  If we are all living in an infinity of probability sets collapsing the infinite sets down to finite sets every instant (in every mind) then nothing is too bizarre.  Indeed, probability states that this situation could exist somewhere (in all its myriad incarnations) so it does.

<spoiler> Thanks to Dan Simmons Hollow Man for blowing his brains out in the final sentence, thanks for a book that doesn't pussyfoot an ending.   Brain matter describing an arc against a sunset is an ending worthy of literature, not fake-happy marriages in suburbia (as gaskrankinstation comes on the speakers).   I prefer reality to fantasy.  I'm opff to watch Dawn of The Dead after a coffee down West End

oh yeah yesterday was Sep 11. Anniversary. Chilean revolution early 70s, US backed forces overthrew legally elected leader and installed Pinochet to rule with fear. That's Sep 11 for me.