Not sure whether to date this one 12th or 13th.  technically it's the 13th, but it's only 519am so I'm writing on experiences that happened re the 12th. perhaps this is the obligatory post anniversary diary entry, though I don't know.  it passed uneventfully this year.  I'm not even sure of the date, don't have the impetus to check back in original diary the dates.

though it's good having an online diary, now I can see that a year ago I was unhappy.  s had announced (in her non-announcement way) that she had ceased looking for accommodation to move into with S, and that she and S2 were moving to Melbourne in a year.  well it's a year later, S2 was good to her word and moved there 10 months ago or so. I guess I probably once said I was going to do MSF and never did so I shouldn't judge s too harshly for never doing what she says, perhaps that's why she tells me nothing of her life/plans.  though fear of failure is only an acceptable excuse for non-action in teenagers....then again some say that junkies stope emotionally maturing when they start using, so I'm still 19 and a virgin!

ferk this. coldest bris day on record since 1928 they say. my legs are jiggering like a hanging our junkie to keep warm here. the dimplex heater clicks and clicks in its too slow heating of this box.  the rolling stones are helping my legs jigger. never listened to them b4, listening to a singles collection, very bluesy atm, as I was promised.

I was gonna write a post-anniversary post-mortem of the passionless existence that is my life sans coitus these last 6 years.  but fug it, I'm gonna play halo n get stoned when the sun comes up! you can't kill the child no matter how hard you try!!  ((I've been straight a little over a week, since the sigur ros fiasco, which looking back at it with time's perspective, we just sat up the back nodding off. left before encore under s's prodding).  What's going on i say. just wrote to rachel, that was good, finished sending out some car brochures at work, Teri leaves ina fortnight, ken and sharyn are on the queenmary crossing the atlantic, i vegetate in bris.