A fortnight since my 35th birthday.  I am yet to get a present from anyone.  I received a card from work, it had well wishes from seven co-workers, though that was produced in a semi-corporate way I guess there was some real meaning somewhere behind it all.

The lack of presents from the beautiful S is tied to several "issues".  Once, a few days ago, i was told it was because I had not bought her anything last year for her birthday.   For once my memory did as designed, and dredge up the information as follows:

"Last year for your birthday you asked for me to pay for a deluxe haircut at Highgate Hill's Chop.  A $120 birthday present."

I think that surprised her, as usually with matters of memory i defer to her.  So if she tells me I bought her nothing, normally I would say "Is that true" and she would nod.  Not that I think she was trying to be duplicitous, I think she sort of half-believed this was the case, it sort of matches her general belief in my uncaring nature.

But I called her on it and she agreed.  But riposted almost immediately with "But the year before that I got nothing".  Knowing that I may have had one fluke of memory, but never two.  I returned, almost as quickly, "But why did you give me a present last year if I hadn't given you anything your birthday before that."

Silence from her.  Touche, I think one says in these situations.  Her silence is a mute acceptance of defeat.  And I, whose sole active sport in high school was fencing, chosen not because of a latent skill, but instead because of a warped romanticism inherent that manifested a few years later in that oh-so-passe late adolescence opiate worship.  So I scored a hit.  This is our foreplay, to no particular denouement.

Well that's enough French words.  I just watched Broken Flowers, Jim Jarmusch's latest work, with the sublime Bill Murray.  Loved Lost in Translation, now i love this.  Actually a lot of his films are good, Rushmore in particular.

Well, to bed soon.  Parents have returned from the Philippines, Dad rang an hour ago mid movie, I am off to see them tomorrow, picking up whipper snipper on the way.