So here I am.

Big Brother 2006 is the methadone for our TV.  It comes on around 7 every night and we are on an increasing rather than a reducing plan.  Last night Katie (half of the Romeo n Juliet) was evicted.  She did her lippy into a camera as she left - the camera was behind a mirror so she had no idea she was puckering up for the world.  Her left behind boyfriend is "feeing colder and lonelier" than usual.  I guess when you are in an emotional state you start seeing your situation everywhere.  I'd guess it's just your mind's reaction to stress - see what others do then emulate/copy.

So Jamie (personal assistant, bronzed Aussie) sits dully in the BB living room and takes his instructions through a speaker.   I am not in a position to receive instructions from a speaker, so short of developing schizophrenia I need to make up my own instructions.  Maybe projects? 

Nominating - living on your own would make it hard to nominate someone you'd think.  But no.  My imagination, having lain dormant for centuries, creaks slowly into action.

And I nominate Blu-Tac.   For mocking me with its ability to hold something together while all my relationships fall apart.

    "Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold, mere anarchy is loosed upon the world"    etc etc etc


So that's how I am today thanks doctor.