Stress-a-mundo. Nearly got done by schnarbs, the one time I'm carrying a prepped shot for She Who Must be Obeyed, the schnarbs nearly pull me over.  It's like they've got some Crime-Radar operating.

I did this dodgy u-turn out of BlockBuster car park into Woollies car park during peak hour.  I do it 3 times a week, I turn using the footpath instead of the road.  It's a common shortcut. But illegal of course, driving on the footpath.  Anyway, as I complete the turn, I look up to make sure I'm not about to scrape any cars and !Lo, it's a cop car.  With cop pulling on the Angry Face.  Even as I see him reach for the lights' switch, I'm braking and looking at the chemist bag on my passenger seat, with loaded sharp inside.  I have driven so that I am about 1.5 metres past the cop's position, and he can't see me that well.  So I casually lean across, grab the sharpz kit and push it under the passenger seat.

Pleased with myself, I straighten up and prepare to talk to schnarb.  Directly behind the schnarb patrol car sits a motorbike cop staring straight at me and my sly manoeuvre.  Totally sprung. 

The only thing that worked in my favour was that it was peak hour.  The cop yelled at me, I displayed the correct level of submissiveness, apologised, was told that next time I'd be booked, I nodded and drove off.

I'm not sure why the motorbike cop didn't follow up my stash, I'd like to think it was my super-cool stashing but who knows. Maybe he was too slow to link up my action with the flashing lights on the car...either way I've touched wood.

So if it wasn't stupid enough using on a workday, plus using during said workday, plus just scoring in general for the second time in four days, I received a good lesson on the illegality of gabo.  When you take it day in day out for years on end, it's easy to forget that you can be arrested for its possession.  A message that I guess several recent visitors to Indonesia found out to their cost.

My difference was that I was reminded in Brissie, not Bali.

Off to Adelaide on Wednesday.  Full day visiting DA to see their systems in case we buy their application, Phoenix.