Two good shops in a row. An event to celebrate. On Sunday night I was looking for some rice to go with my chicken breasts and sweet potato stir fry, and I found a full bottle of Pataks' Butter Chicken. And no 300gm bottle for one, but a full 550gm bottle that feeds two. For the first time in recent memory I had forgotten about ingredients I had bought that could make a meal.

Every preceding night for as long as I can recall I had dinner mapped out - can of soup, seconds of seconds or bacon and eggs.

And when it got bad, biscuits, with butter if lucky. I grew to love Milk Coffee by Arnotts...

Tonight I make potato bacon and sweet chili source pizza, topped with pine nuts.

And I hang the oven glove back up on the wall hook to stop the fire that could be if I just dropped it on the stove top. Self preservation is always there, even in junkies.

I write code all day if I can/I try to tap into a beauty of data, transformation and growth through xslt.

I watch vapid media - Rock and Rolla by Ritchie entertains. As does the final episodes or Star Trek Enterprise, over after a frenzied month of viewing. Episodes before and after work. The same source that put me on to Enterprise tells me Boston Legal is good, but I will not watch it. I know that I could find a supplier of good coke, get hooked, fall in chemo-love with it, and dedicate everything I have to its worship.

But why?

So the same with Boston Legal. I don't doubt that it is well written, well acted, clever. But will I be different for having watched it? Perhaps I am trying to save myself for the special media output...or just not watching BL gives me more time to listen to old Clean records...