I have a theory. Noone knows much about anything.

I don't know if it is the same for you, but for me I usually learn things by diffusion. - i.e. new concepts and ideas I do not understand instantly, rather I gradually have a light dawn on me. A little like a magician pulling a curtain back slowly and revealing the hidden workings of some device, making it simple to see how a previously perplexing illusion is worked.

The usual method by which the idea is understood is through reading a variety of articles, speaking with people about the concept, and perhaps most importantly, practical usage of the concept.

One concept I have learnt in the past year or two is that of reality hacking. There is google hacking, ethical hacking, black hat hacking, wireless hacking - dozens of types. But reality hacking appeals to me, as it is talking about the possibility of hacking the reality in which we are daily immersed.

Sounds crazy? Perhaps.

Is drug use a lo-fi reality hack? Would the future of RH involve modification to the brain? As reality is interpreted via perception mechanisms, which utilise our eyes, ears nose and touch. How different are these senses from inputs such as a wireless receiver, an input box that asks for a surname etc. Given that we do not have access to bio modification at this stage, perhaps drugs are the next best alternative.

I do not say that they modify reality around us, but by modifying our perception of this reality, is there any difference.

great arvo. pulled over for speeding 200M from home, with a quarter in my pocket. thought i had no licence, expected the cop to come back from his check up and i would be suspended for 6 months or 2 years. going through scenarios of explaining this to my pares , and their likely reactions - all featured disappointment to various degrees, starting at very disappointed and getting worse.

But the cop came back, fined me $200 and took 3 points. This is the third ticket in five weeks, most of my recently refreshed licence is gone, i am unsure how i will go for the next three years...

I came home very frazzled, hands a shaking, I asked S to mix up, she got shity, it all fell apart, but came back together again eventually, S actually apologising. Hmmm, things are different. I am very confused about most things at the moment, I can only think I should stop using for a bit to get my head straight so i can analyse and attack my various problems - no individual one is too huge, but many have the potential to get nasty if i continue to ignore them...