on the news tonight they said it's been seven years since the Twin Towers thing.

I said no, it's been about two years. Honestly.

But if i add up the things that have happened - Hicks in jail 5 years, invade Afghanistan, Iraq, i can see it's more than two years.

So where did the seven years go?

Are they lost?

** note, later - I spoke to two other friends last night who confirmed they had the same attitude to the

911 affair. Knowing it happened seven years ago but feeling like it happened only a couple of years


Either: It was an event so steeped in emotion that our minds have not stored it as a normal memory

with standard ageing tags attached, instead it is filed and constantly bumped to keep it "fresh" in my


Or: opiate impact - time dilatory effects of opiate abuse - minds that are inured to emotion cannot file

memories properly - would need to do more tests, try to get a real feel for when other big events

"feel" to have occurred, and compare to the reality.