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sitting on the balcony absorbing the Queensland sun, feeling it seep into my skin.   looking out over the city a gust started and suddenly the air in front of me was alive with purple.  for some happy reason, only bougainvillea and jacaranda blooms had been picked up by this gust and for a couple of minutes there was a crazy endofmovie credit show across my vista of purple plooms.

magic enters your life when you are not looking for it.

shout out to SBS for playing Deep Forest at midday today.   the wasteland of Dr Phil and some judge show was pushed back, if only for a few minutes, by the video and music.  i hadn't seen it before, but there was a little girl riding her tricycle around the world, across a sprawling background of famous sites (Great Wall, communist statues, beaches) as well as many ordinary scenes of ordinary people sitting under trees holding children.   it's all the same, as they say.

thanks to to rudy rucker, william gibson and iain banks for being such great writers and creating mythos in a techno age.

thanks to all the people who risk putting their heart into art, who push to produce (that nasty word), no create, something others can enjoy.  for no reason other than the joy of creation.  thanks to jean grae for saying it how i felt when i was feeling that way.  

thanks to this cold for keeping me home from work and not missing the purple ploom show out front.  thanks to the manufacturers of anti-cold tablets for giving me change to my perceptions that i don't get denigrated for enjoying.

thanks to s for being there as long as u were.   thanks to all who tried.  never forget success only comes to those who try.