230297 2am

Detectives.   Boys with fantasies snatched.   Grown up physically, kids mentally, eyes shut to all but their narrow parental and TV bestowed beliefs.   Their ways not only set for life but reinforced daily by the loving wife/girlfriend/boyfriend..

"You're doing a great job for society"

"...making the world safe for our kids"

Nothing will ever penetrate their fantasy-world's defences, even when their 16 year old son starts using (a la D Eddington), they will never see the real reason, they'll just blame a "gook pusher"

Someone else's fault.

In this fantasy world, good and evil are two types of people, they're never both present in the one person.   And all cops are good, ain't they.

To the officer reading this, it is too late for you, as you stand here in someone else's room (uninvited), you cannot seethe fascism in your actions of the last hour. Just doing your job, you say. Wrong. Your job has done you. Done you, forever.