Man i tell u they gotta be putting something in this Romanian gear.  it makes me so crazy so quickly.  i was taking gear from viets ever since Christmas Day 2003 and I could take it and then leave it a week.  I could get some cash and pay all bills i owed and then maybe if i had some cash left over i would get on.  but this rom stuff, whew!  i got on at lunch yesterday, then another shot at 2pm, then on again after work, now i wake and am debating spending my beans that should be for food and metro on gabo.  maybe it's coke in the gabo, i think when i got busted in 95 the gabo i had showed trace amounts of coke, and i had nil to do with coke myslef back then.  that'd make users get that  "gotta have another fix" mindset that's a little like crack without all the self destructive behaviour that pure crack carries.

crafty.  the megacorporations would love to adopt these cartels practices if they weren't constrained by laws.  maybe they do adopt these principles in some places, i wouldn't be surprised.

man my head is broke. i cant write anymore.  gotta go out n go crazy.


next day. (memewatch Day 1)

i have just been reading about memes, listening to tall dwarfs on my tv set coz i don't have any other speakers attached to this pc.   I like to think that some of the more virulent memes i have been infected with come from the tall dwarfs late 80s ramblings - "Nothings going to happen", "she just wants to die" and "It's time for my injection" are all phrase evolved into memes that have swum around the primordial soup of my head replicating slowly and evolving cross-culturally from their original phrasing into a phrasing that fits this culture.   My NZ friend Yuri leaning out a car window in Rockhampton 3 years ago shouting "Excuse me, which way to the earport" is another meme that is incredibly specific to me but this doesn't stop me repeating it ad nauseaum to perpelexed strangers.  Am I just trying to be funny or am i the unwitting replicator for a bizarre meme? 

the meme fightback starts today.  i will listen to my words for the next 24 hours to see which memes i spread.  stay tuned to memewatch.

(by the way i always have liked to think that i initiated replication in Brisbane of a meme, the "Streetspoon".  After i was arrested in 1996 for carrying a spoon in my car to inject drugs with, i started mixing up in the plastic wrapper of the syringe.  sterilised, disposable, and not initially seen as "drug paraphernalia" to the cops, it was a success except for the one in one hundred uses when i would prick the base and have to suck my shot off a dirty bathroom floor.  amazing how strong the human immune system can be.  how tough must HIV be to overcome such a staunch defence system?  Anyways, I started calling these syringe packets streetspoons, and now ten years later almost I hear many people using the phrase and I like to tell myself that I played a part in a memes birth.  Of course I have no hard data to prove I originated the meme, I may have just heard the phrase somewhere myself and it is my human nature that convinces me that I am the progenitor.   We all want to be a daddy somehow.)