Haven't been here in a while. Like a pub that was once an indispensable stop on your social path, and now seems empty and fake, bright lights of pokie machines casting a false glow over a tattered stool. Well it's not really like that, I guess I just haven't been here for a while because I've been building a new site. The same as this, but hopefully better. Like a Point that realises it can be a Line, and a Line that realises it can be a Square, and a Square that realises it can be a Cube...finding a new dimension opens up worlds.

I guess that's still pretty vague, so some explanations. By a new dimension, I mean adding the ability for others to do as i have done. I've replicated my 'Usage Tracker' and blog-ability across to a new site, and hopefully added some other features that will make it worth while. Thanks to Drupal, the awkwardly named CMS (not that 'Joomla' is any better) it's alive, just.

Haven't even started the design (graphical) aspect of it. Everything I read and feel tells me to get functionality down pat first, and then worry about looks. But I know that makes it hard for my loyal beta-testers, slogging through an ugly site to dutifully inflate it with content.

A day, midday, and no gear. Two shots yesterday, of gear good enough quality to not leave me waking ill and sick. Toying with a rule that says I won't score unless this good gear is available. If only I didn't know that when I'm ill I'll take anything - I was shooting oral morphine last week, mixed in alcohol, with one of those huge 5mL syringes...even S balked at this after her second and popped shot, which left her crook swollen and burning for a day as the alcohol burned its way through the subcutaneous region. The next morning I popped about a tenth as much as she had, and I understand her reticence...but I was shooting it again the next day. Gifts from dead men should not be squandered?

Listening: Right now? Kanye's 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy'. But more generally, Blood hound Gang, still Drones and Sunset Rubdown, some Florence when I am at dad's for some reason.

Reading? Doctorow (Cory, not E.L.) with his cyber-design porn, I guess you could call it. Mieville whenever I can, but I REALLY should be studying, getting my nut around superclasses and subclasses, inheritance, testing and entity relationship modelling. Why am I at Uni? Funny how I didn't ask that question last year when it was easy, when it was all stuff I had been doing before. But now, it's new, and I'm on a level footing pretty much with kids. Almost makes me want to go all Rocky, out of retirement and jogging in the morning through misty deserted streets, tuning myself up for some final battle. I guess there's a germ of that in all of us, just given higher priority in some rather than in others.