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Called into work, systems down, card pulled out of socket.  Modern jobs, pushing PCI cards back into slots for a living.

Wu Tang dropping aural grenades through the flat.  She Who Cares Not off to M's for job application.   Still cycling through thousands of states and emotions in reference to her.  But like any dynamic system, if deprived of energy I know it cannot keep cycling for ever.   I look forward when the wheel (picture Wheel of Fortune Wheel with hundreds of prizes) stops spinning and ends up on "Friend for life" or "Cut the bitch off!".   Who knows or cares where it will end?   Last night she was hassling me to score.   I was keen, sort of, but refused.  Doing the right thing though I knew her getting stoned may mean the first softening of her harsh exterior I have seen in months, years.

Well aren't I a little goody two shoes.   Wrap me up and call me Tinkabell. (Stick a fork in my ass and turn me over, I'm done.)

Anyways, sometimes I get this picture flash of her in my head, and in her this is this seething resentment that I am not losing it and getting angry at her for her behaviour.  This morning I touched her hair.  It was a full five minutes before she rolled away.   Breakthrough?   Whatever.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs replace Wu Tang.   People with passion.   Leastways it sounds like passion.   Finished downloading all the 200 pxts off my mobile last night - - one by one to email, took me a week of spare time.   Now the fone is ready to return to my ex employer, in exchange for my bicycle that they are holding hostage.  True!  Brisbane is that weird a place I tell ya.   Found a squashed Dinky car in a nursery car park yesterday.  Mum made me pick it up and accept it as payment for driving her around.  Of course, she gave me $5 later, but it's reassuring to know that my freakness is genetic, not just a generational aberration.   Ho hum. Doing friends tax returns top pass the time, learning more of ASP, golly gee.  Tried putting some ASP script in this page but not sure if my server handles ASP...find out soon.  Interactive web pages.  The obvious next step! ttfn.