Watching the 1955 classic, Dambusters. Great movie, have to say there was a little jolt when the puppy appears on screen and his owner calls out "Nigger! Nigger1 Come here, Nigger". The whole PC discussion isn't one I want to start here, but hearing such a line unexpectedly forces you to go through a series of thoughts as to whether the statements were justified due to the times, or an indication of innate racism in the RAF of the 40s.

Not a lot to write here. A bit over-opiated. Just avoided being drafted into a scoring expedition around dinnertime, and I only dodged d it by having gone on a 3pm mission with miner W. If I had not shopped then, I would have followed through with tonight's Jfrog mission, and his bulk buy dodginess. It takes a lot of energy these days to go through these motions. All this effort just to slow down. Seems nonsensical huh?

People saying nice things about me on Facebook, in response to me describing myself as the evil Twin of Guy Blackman, Chapter Music maestro. I was really just being lighthearted but seems some people out there do like me, a nice thought. I don't seem to have the same deep springs of self-hatred I had a decade ago, or maybe it's a function of the gabo. I'll wait till I'm two days straight again and take a measurement.

Listening to:

Sunset Rubdown's latest. Great album, Dragonslayer. And finding them has me investigating their back catalogue- Random Spirit Lover seems the best so far. Mixed with Interpol they're highly addictive.


Planted some Basil seeds in pare provided potting mix. NOT doing the 1500 word short story due tomorrow. NOT picking up my iTouch which flipped over in hock three days ago, and I've misplaced the hock ticket. $400 device traded for an $80 shot, which I shared 50%....I think I was not so upset as I knew that once I'd hocked it I would just hock and hock it again.


Dambusters, Star Trek Voyager S6,


halfheartedly some Rucker-Spacetime Donuts I think, and some Alice Munro short stories mum leant me to see how a good short story works..


Still quiet. Website redesign, I am handling the interaction between staff and design. Getting their knowledge into text for design to code. Held the first meeting last Wednesday arvo.


Asparagus Spag tonight. Pearl Barley Risotto recipe I discovered last week is yumcious. Will make tomorrow again, good for dinner and work lunch.


Saw Sly Friday because the other 2 options were out, rest of the time out the Mountain way. Two shots on a Sunday is not healthy..