"She's cute as all hell but I wouldn't want her to be a anybody's mom."

At least not in her current incarnation which is selfish bitch mode. Bleeding again, wakes me to tell me to stop snoring, telling me i must give her $80 cash out of pay, hitting the head, yadda yadda yadda.

Anzac Day. Went to Melbs recently, saw rache, this gave me a little momentum to continue my bris non-existence. mitch tells me it's the metro that makes me think that there's no magic left in life, maybe so but S doesn't help.

Cold at 111am this wed morn, anzac hols over, 3 in a row 4 day weeks, my pay suffers, but then it all goes to temp suffering relief anyway so what the hey.

Learning PIC programming, made my first progging board and it seems to have worked. i will get some blank pics soon and try progging them through the board. all towards my AUV, autonomous underwater vehicle, that i have decided will be my albatross. but also my light at the end of this dark tunnel i am in.