A new season of Sex and the City.  Bigger hair, more outfits and less sex. Barking laughs from the couch, as I try to knock off VB errors one by one.  used Friday and Saturday, blew my wage, broke again, scraping for beans for food.  Car running on empty, looking for the next loan repayment from friends.   Black Hawk Down on commercial TV, watching it during the ads in Sex, S is having a ball.   It's not a bad movie, BHD, a well documented descent into chaos.

Didn't feel as bad as usual from the gabo-binge.  Yesterday (Sunday), had a sore throat and felt like Day 1 of a cold, but today feel normal if a little psychotic. 

Just saw an ad from "Family First" political party - "Heroin.  Ecstasy.  These would all be legal if the extreme Greens held the balance of power.".  Dodgy.  Ma has a friend with a gay daughter who supports family first.  In their eyes, the daughter just hasn't seen the light.  They get together with other parents of gay/les kids and pray for the kids' curing.  Sad but true.

Makes me glad to be gaboed at times.