I can let go of you but by the same token i .........just went for a 1.5 hour walk along the river with s.  too many prostitutes for s, though we didn't see any.  dead ringtail needed moving ikky, s ended up finding a broad palm leaf that we used as a stretcher to ferry it into a garden.  it was still soft and i could not help expecting it to turn and hiss at me, despite the blood in its mouth and the stuff coming out its anus.   not nice.   didn't touch it but kept washing my hands on the alk back...my mind is broken.  though when i told s she was gonna mess up my mind as she stood checking her ass in the lobby mirror, she tells me i am nasty for saying such a thing. i just meant she was putting images in my mind i would never be able to erase.

gave s her first driving lesson and she did perfectly.  no bunny hopping, just a smooth cruise off in the dark and up to second before pulling over beautifully to the kerb.   beautiful recognition of years old dreams.