I come home on this cool evening to my empty flat.  I walk in, make a bourbon and coke and sit down with a Mint Slice in front of the PC.   Am I better off than in the days when I would race up the stairs so I could get in faster so I could mix up a taste quicker?  EVery day, six or seven times a day?  And what happened to "taste" and "blast"? Ten years ago it was all "let's have a taste" and "had a blast in the loos just now" but to say that now would be dating oneself.  Is it just a junkie's necessity to constantly place themselves definitely in times flow?  Or do all culture change this often?

Now I say "Having a blatt later" or "want to get a shot?" but as I type this I know that these phrases will sound just as dated as blast and taste in a few years. Strange world. Financial year ending, rain comes down, waiting for a valium script post work 2moro night, is this what a 34 year old male should be looking forward to?  I think not, they're not being given as a reward but as a way of coping with reduced-opiate-intake life.  Which they are, but then just coping is something I feel this strange desire to reward myself for.

Today in the sushi station there sat a Bridget facsimile, same but for her eyebrow ring, and hair shade.  I've alienated so many folk since going out with S, I don't think I would have had the energy to do this without her. Ah well now I go listen to some E Badu, for what that's worth.  And Read some PK Dick