The Pixies. For the second time in my blessed life, I will see them perform live. And I will stand silently and drink in their mellifluous melodiousness. Noises that push a junkie to scrabble for words. Big thanks to B for the cash that helped me get the product that gave me the nerve to go out. I left that sentence in its original tortured form to give you an indication of how hard it is to go to a gig when you've a habit. Or what a sacrifice it is to go along.

The money for the ticket's the easy part. $200 for two people, or close to. Dad paid online with his credit card (I've done my bit with credit cards in this lifetime, my parents have my Harley to prove it). I can pay back tickets over a few wages.

But the money to score on the night of the gig? Not easy. And Tuesday just happens to be the latest possible night that sits at the longest possible point in S and I's week, the furthest distance from a pay packet.

It's amazing the useful statistics you learn when you start scoring. 'Dealer most likely to give credit on a Sunday' is a useful one, and every new dealer must be assessed and have a probability assigned to them as quickly as possible.

So how did we score? Somehow., I was plucking up courage (i.e. putting off) all arvo to ring Sly and ask for credit. An SMS came in around 220 but I didn't look at it for an hour. Just S asking about me asking for tick, I assumed.

Wrongly. Everything they say about assuming is true, and more.

At 330 I looked at the text - "How do you want your beans, flex?" was the delightful text.

How did I want them? Stacked six foot high made from gold?

Failing that, any way that I could instantly turn them into gabo would do.

so after work, i negotiate a route to red hill, borrow funds from a sick B, negotiate a worse route to the back of Lutwyche (which is already the back of something else) dash in with all the confidence a keen junkie with $75 in his hand can muster, and play my spiel to Sly. 25 tick is granted, I cop a little flak -

"What's going on with all this tick anyway flex" - which is a weak challenge I know, as there's only 30 tick that he is aware of. Yes there's another century floating in cyberspace he will be aware of tomorrow that it has not landed, but for now he has bugger all ammo. He does bring up the ADSL modem, accusing me of bringing it to him with an intent to sell it -

"You can't be that naive flex" he says, cryptically.

Though he doesn't really say it cryptically, as a lot of what he says makes little sense. Nonsense and crypticisms are cousins but not clones. And he has less idea than I do to what he is alluding, when he says I am not naive

...a few hours later.
I am just back from the Pixies. A little depressed, but gear has that trail off effect. Watching a Young Ones episode. Alone. Debating the usual question, did somewhere along the line I decide that I deserved no happiness, and choose a relationship with a gal who would think she loved me in her mind but would not love me in her body. Or have things just worked out that way.

Music - just back from The Pixies. Not as great as their V concert a few years ago

Books - read Warren Ellis' Crooked Little Vein yesterday. Found it completely by chance in the TWG library. Former graphic novelist, he's worth reading more of.