The return.  What to expect?  A renewal of old vows, a refurbishment of our creaking domicile of love?  Or perhaps a terse no nonsense final statement of rejection.  As I wandered down the docs twenty minutes ago to get my monthly metro script and last month's blood test results I though to myself (perhaps rather naively) that I was in the best possible frame of mind to get bad news re HIV status.

Sounds strange but I thought that it wouldn't really faze me that much being told of a new endangered status.  So, having gotten only good news from the doc (save for mild mild anaemia 0 one has to look one's palest, darling), I am now ready for bad news from princess. 

Though in reality i think nothing will have altered, which will drive me the nuttiest in the long run.  Status quo causes more cracks in concrete that refular earth tremors - is that true I wonder or does it just sound good on screen.

Final day of financial year, M&D just rang to line up tomorrows gabofest, said yes, surprise surprise. Three hour drive to Burpengary and back tomorrow after 8 hour day at work is still preferable to seeing Sly who lives 40 metres from my back door.  Was it Sly holding up Moorooka shop with a sharp, ask M&D?  Who knows...Saw Princess and Warrior, great RunLolaRun director TT film, just my cup of tea.  Will try to get it from video store tonight.