P K Dick

Noone can do an adequate Philip K Dick tribute, but we can all contribute a bit here and there I think. Provide a leaf or two that will perhaps one day be compiled into the masterwork, that describes his life.PK Dick A comprehensive site resides at http://www.philipkdick.com/

Personally, I have to admit to a deep respect for the author and the man. Just last night (September 30, 2009), whilst visiting a friend in hospital, I re-read on of his short stories. My friend had ordered Second Variety, a collection of his short stories, from Amazon, and they'd been delivered that day. I read "The Hanging Man", and it was as close to a perfect short story as any I've read. It almost makes me think that it's not worth writing, that perfection has been achieved. But I know that's wrong. I know that technology has moved on, and opened up new ways to hold new mirrors up to reflect ourselves. Well, something like that. Who knows how it will turn out, I never do, from the first word to the penultimate paragraph, it's all a magical ghost-writing mystery. I'm the divinely invaded medium something (whatever it is) chooses to write through.

Today, on Twitter of all mediums, I read a note that suggested Rudy Rucker (current sci-fi writer) and Phil (I think they meant PKD) exchanged letters. Phil once returned Rudy Rucker a manuscript of Rudy's, with annotations and corrections. Ouch, that would be hard for anyone to accept from anyone but your editor. I guess though, if anyone was qualified to review your work, then PKD was a good person.

So what Dick stories have been made into movies?

Movie Year Released   PKD Story based on
Next 2007 The Golden Man (short story)
Minority Report 2002 The Minority Report (short story)
Impostor 2001 Impostor (short story)
Paycheck 2003 Paycheck Paycheck (short story)
Bladerunner 1982 Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (novel)
A Scanner Darkly 2006 Scanner Darkly A Scanner Darkly (novel)
Total Recall 1990 We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
Screamers 1995 Second Variety (short story)
Screamers:The Hunting 2009 Second Variety (short story)
Confessions d'un Barjo 1992 Confessions of a Crap Artist
Total Recall 2070 1999 Totak Recall 2070 Seems to be a Blade-Runner (the movie) and Total Recall mish-mash. Contains emphasis on androids trying to be human, but the Rekall mempry implants are there too. And Mars. Series, 22 episodes.

And what documentaries can we see that involve him?

Philip K Dick - A Day in the Afterlife. 1994 Arena documentary