Let me know if I have missed a substance and I will add it. Check first that it's not a street name for one of the others.

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The Effects of a Tattoo.

How would anyone born and raised in suburban Brisbin with its regimented schooling and religion founded on fraudulent testaments that look tattered and lame once the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and Little Red Riding Hood have been accepted as frauds ever accept that a tattoo, more accurately a style of tattoos, can ever exert an occult power however simple and mundane that power might be demonstrated.

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What Manor of War is This?

Shan State Army-South “keeping our side of the bargain”

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Drug Use in Australian Sport

The issue of 'Drugs in Sport' has instigated an inquiry into several Australian sporting codes.

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Painkiller addiction: the plague that is sweeping the US

Americans make up less than 5% of the global population but consume 80% of the world's supply of opioid prescription pills.

tao te ching

The Tao Te Ching (pron. daodeching) is upwards of 2,500 years old and the identity of the author has never been established with any veracity. As much an eternal mystery as an eternal font of humour, good sense, wisdom and sustenance the way we get the book is as interesting as the book itself in many ways and reflects on western interpretation of eastern thought.


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The Same Goes With Egos

Like an abscess, once the infection is introduced it will run its course until resolution is reached. A prick of the skin lets in some pathogen which the body detects as intrusive and quickly enough a train of events is set in place which will soon have the offending pathogen/s washed out in a flood of hemo-serous fluid commonly called pus.

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Queensland State Budget: What you need to know


Treasurer Tim Nicholls has handed down his first budget for Queensland, describing it as "the most important budget in a generation."

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Healthy lifestyle programs' funding cut

The office of State Health Minister Lawrence Springborg issued details of changes to the Health Budget under the new Treasurer. 
brisbanetimes.com.au state political reporter

Plumbing the Depths of Wellness #2

Like the irresponsible fool I seem so adept at emulating I always saw an easy solution to the inevitably of a carefree and all too often careless life in the lyric to that iconic song by The Who which went; "Things they do look awful cold, I hope I die before I get old." Repeated over and again to the accompaniment of friends and loud guitars it took up residence in an adolescent mind and failed to dislodge after post adolescence had set in.


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