Rehab Inc; Our Pain is Their Profit

With cutbacks in public spending across the board it isn't surprising that one of the most neglected areas is the treatment of those with chronic drug problems, particularly speed or ice as it is now more commonly known. With facilities in the public health system stretched beyond the need it comes down to supply and demand which ensures that those who cannot find help in the public health care system are left to take their chances with a private system which offers a range of private detox facilities which are  largely de-regulated and grossly expensive. 

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Burmese govt vows action against drug traffickers

Burma’s government has pledged to take strong action against drug producers and traffickers across the country.

The Hard Drug Chronicles

Don't be misled by the product information, this book is a collection of short stories by an extensive list of contributors. As well as being one of the contributors Jerry Stahl is one of five editors.


The book is an extensive volume of drug stories but I wouldn't say comprehensive simply because there doesn't seem to be the level of international contributors from the rather small number of stories I read. There is a reason for this in the history of how the book came to be published so don't take it as a criticism.


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Australia's second largest drug bust.

Six men have been charged after police seized almost 3 tonnes of narcotics worth more than $1.5 billion in Australia's second largest drug bust.

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Qld Pharmacies working with Biala Needle Exchange

If you've been a junkie in Brisbane for the last five years or more, you have probably noticed the decline in availability of clean needles from chemists. 

Life Keith Richards

So the front cover of the edition I read goes while the spine has 'Keith Richards Life', since mine comes from the library a catalogue sticker covers the word 'Life' on the spine. All that is neither here nor there but the fact that the book was written with James Fox (no not the co-star of 'Performance' with Mick and Anita) is worthy of note and he gets due mention on the title page and on the inside/back of the dust jacket. The book reads pretty much as a monologue with Keith as first person and is interspersed with various characters contributing their version of events.

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Convincing international community biggest challenge for war-on-drugs critics: researcher

The Burmese military is clearly involved in the drug production and trade in Burma but convincing the international community would be the most daunting task, according to a British researcher speaking to researchers in Chiangmai last week.


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Sewage measures drug usage

An interesting article on a scientist's collation of data on drug levels in sewage - showing weekend spikes in recreationals and a steady dose of methadone - what I would have expected.

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Drug trade consolidating Burmese Army control over Shan State

By offering drugs as financial means to local militias, the Burma Army has been successfully extending its grip inside areas hitherto denied by rebel presence, says a recent case study by Ph.D candidate.


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