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Junk in the time of covid

I haven't heard so many junkies talk about quitting in years. There's no surer sign of low quality than hearing such utterances daily.

For me, it's a perfectly normal day if I used three times, each from a different dealer. I cycle through them, convincing myself that their last shite packet was just bad luck.  The other day, I say young T, who has the same crud (low quality) every day, but he delivers, and he delivers on credit until my payday. Getting tick (credit) is often in exchange for quality or some other aspect of the deal.

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RIP sayarsan

So I received an SMS last night saying sayarsan had died. Not confirmed yet, but then again, no-one is denying it either. With his death the last contributor to this site has gone. Apart from my good self that is.
Sorry to see you go pedro. The world was confusing and painful for you, I hope wherever you are, if you persist in any form, that it's less of that and more of the stuff that makes you think of future days.

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Maintenance Mode

Drupal has a nasty habit of getting stuck in Maintenance Mode - it just took me an hour to unstick it. If you notice Maint Mode for more than an hour, please write or contact me somehow, and I will endeavour to fix. Apologies to our new member.

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Size doesn't matter

I am not sure exactly what prompted me to write this article. Perhaps Bek's recent death, which was so closely allied to the concept of inability to measure small amounts of fentanyl. But regardless of recent deaths, in an industry that is centred around the concept of weights and measures, in my using life I have had innumerable discussions with others around the idea of 'size'. I'd like to outlay the two major conclusions I have come to over the last 25 years of buying gear.

1. Size does not matter.

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An average day

What to write?

It's a common question in my head.  I read many books, they're sometimes entertaining, sometimes dull but educational (the literary equivalent of porridge), sometimes they revolutionise how I see things.   That last category is something that seems to happen less and less these days.  Perhaps the brain is wired to accept revolutionary thoughts when you're 20 to 30 years old, and as you age, the brain resists attempts to have the status quo overthrown.

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This site now LIVE!

One small step for a junkie....around 7 or 8pm last night (which was Sunday June 15th), I FTP'd across another folder full of files I'd forgotten were unique to this blend of Drupal.
I then clicked 'Refresh', or hit F5, ready to tackle the next set of problems I'd not anticipated.
Instead of an error page, my beloved unstyled and styleless 'junkie_test' page popped up!
Very unexpected. The last migration, a local move from a home Windows XP serving box to another home OpenBSD server took 20 days, and with that I'd planned and mapped each step in detail.

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A 'friend of a friend' - horror stories

Although the 'friend of a friend' is a notorious cliche for repressed self-expression, in this case I do have a true horror story that happened to a friend of a friend.

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Page Not Found errors

Hello - I've noticed in the logs since the server migration that we're getting Page Not Found errors from Library of Junk when we click from the 'More' link.  Workaround - click from the heading/Title link, the one on orange, and you'll get where you want to go.  It's happening because spaces in names are being replaced with %20's, not with underscores.

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Suboxone Film

I'm just back from my weekly visit to my chemist, picking up my six takeaways.  A sign on the methadone counter tells all customers that they have to move off Suboxone tablets and on to Suboxone Film by 1/9/13. I remember when they moved everyone from Subutex to Suboxone, due to 'misuse' of Suboxone. Seems they're doing a similar thing now, although the chemist tells me it's because the Suboxone tablets had a nasty foaming side-effect? I've never used Suboxone, so I don't know much about it and side effects, but I do know that you could get $800 for a 50 box in prison not too long ago. 

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The twenty day upgrade

Well, choosing to do the server migration whilst assignments are due and work is busy perhaps wasn't the best moment to perform it, but I guess getting hacked and spammed put me on edge. I think the new box is *somewhat* more secure now, for varying meanings of somewhat. Let me know if you find any bugs, please, this horse is tightly bolted down and no doubt some information will not be as free as it should be.


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