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Why use this tracker?

You've chosen to use our usage tracker. Unique to, this lets you keep a record of your usage history.

Why on earth would you want to do this?

It can help you take a rational look at your use over time, and can tell you when things are getting out of control. Some junkies can be, shall we say, a little self-deluding? I've had friends who moved from one $75 shot a day to two $50 packets a day, and convinced themselves they were reducing.

But you don't have to want to reduce to use this feature. Make of it what you will. Celebrate your excess, or remind yourself of when you got ripped off.

The data you enter here is entirely for you. Unless you choose to share it, only your account will be able to access it.

What about privacy, security. I guess the first rule is that there's no real privacy on the net. You visit a site, and that site can track your IP address (everyone who 'sits' attached to the internet is assigned an IP address, which allows web pages to be delivered. It's central to the way our internet works, not just some added on privacy-buster). Of course there are ways and means to provide a false IP address, but that's not what this site is for.

So what I am saying - just be careful. We won't be giving out your information to anyone, but if it does concern you, either don't use it, or don't self-incriminate.

This site is more than just another blogging site, although it's the first of its kind for Australian users. We've taken the attitude that we provide you the tools to deal with your addiction, and you use them how you want.