American Weed

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Clorado, USA

The program from the USA has entered its second series thanks to SBS2 which aired the first episode on Tuesday 13/10/15. I recall catching an episode or two from the first series but don't remember much about them (ahenh). Seriously though I think it is pretty much more of the same which is good going on this episode.


The program takes a look at what could be South Park(Fort Collins) Colorado where the State Legislature changed the laws restricting marijuana and creating two categories of legal possession; 'recreational' and 'medicinal'. This episode concentrates on the issues arising from medicinal marijuana since the inception of the Colorado Amendment 64 in November 2012. People who get authorization from a medical practitioner are issued a red card which entitles them to buy from an authorized dispensary which buys from an authorized grower.


We get a balanced and transparent view of the issues arising from a campaign organized by individuals who wish to repeal the Amendment. Consumers and entrepreneurs involved in the new trade are also organizing to protect their interests. There are interviews and location shots showing consumers, dispensaries and growers as well as the headquarters and a demonstration organized by the prohibitionists. The economic factors in a rural region which is generally suffering economically become more acute as the industry expands.

Fort Collins is located in the Dakota mountains and is under snow in winter so the crop is grown indoors, under lights and instead of pollinating, seeding and germinating the plants are cloned to accelerate the growth cycle. It seems the entrepreneurs can expand their production as much as technology and ambition allow. Aficionados will be interested to see the developments used by the growers who have had several years to develop their operations. Those involved at a commercial level must have legal authorization and those blessed by 'Control' become members of a lucrative business. The price of medical marijuana is $350/oz which is much the same as illegal weed except there are taxes and fees.


It is worth watching for the informative and believable portrayal of the Colorado 'Experience' after three years and the intrusion of marijuana into the mainstream. It would be interested to get a better picture of the process involved in licensing dispensaries and growers and a more candid appraisal of the financial relationships. Maybe these will be addressed in future episodes.