Big fish gets away in Burma’s biggest drug bust of the year

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404 blocks of heroin were discovered by the authorities in a Toyota truck coming from Punako, Mong Toom tract, Monghsat Township, Monghsat District, at 10:45 at Seik Chan Gone, Loi Taw Kham tract, Tachileik township, west of the district seat. According to the two suspects Ah Bi and Ah Fa, they belong to Ja Xibo, Punako PMF ( People’s Militia Force set up by the government) # 3 leader, ” said the source. “ His home was raided later but nothing incriminating was found, so no action was taken against him.”

Commenting on the drug situation, a Border Guard Force (BGF) officer said, “Burma is the only country that one, big or small, can deal in drugs and get away with it.”

Both PMFs and BGFs are part of the Burma Army’s setup.

Punako has long known by Thai drug enforcement as a major drug producer and trafficker. Its leaders are Ja Ngoi and Ai Long.