Life Is Movement

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As i was searching the search engine for some links between the Thai Sangha or Buddhism i came across a connection between the Brisbane Broncos and Muay Thai. The Buddhist cultures in Siam and Myanmar have traditions which maintain an inexorable link between Buddhism and the other social institutions including the military. The concept of Boh in Myanmar is still strong and makes the Generals acutely aware of the danger inherent in ignoring the obligations the military must observe concerning its role as a protector. Similar sentiments i expect exist in the Muay Thai traditions in Siam. A heap of interesting reading but no address for the local Wat, I clearly missed the boat in 2002 but found a good excuse to give things more thought:
"Bows that bend every day do not fire their arrows with the same strength” an ole school lesson for all the young pups,that think rest is for the weak.There is great strength in rest ;)

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who must move to exist - not all of em, but enough to count...'Ram ventilation or Bust' would be a great T-Shirt slogan if both Sharks wore T-Shirts AND they had currency they could exchange with us.
So often we are told that sharks have evolved as the greatest and purest predator, which sounds true, I mean, they look scary, big teeth, cold eyes...but have you looked at the scoreboard lately in the Sharks v Humans match?
There's no doubt, we're the top notch predator, we've evolved killing into something far beyond a need for survival, we kill this 'greatest' predator just to get a fin to flavour some soup!
And we sell said soup in the adverts during a documentary on 'Natures Greatest Killers', using the Shark to pull in the punters, harnessing that primeval fear, hooking into the reptile brain fear response, using that fallout of the evolutionary congo line this time to sell sell sell.
Life drips in irony, it abounds and pervades and underlies all we see and do. Take some of Sayarsan's feted rest and just close your eyes and listen to the irony that is all around.

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Sharks don't have to swim to breath, all they have to do is point their nose into the prevailing current and prevent any movement aft. "Ah but how can it maintain this aspect without swimming against  the current?". The possibilities might not be endless but for a shark to miss one would seem to be groundless. Most obvious is for the shark to place itself somewhere that prevents it moving aft, how about placing itself against the tide or surf? Like Gatorade surf is highly oxygenated energy water. 
This brief comment doesn't even touch on the obvious problem faced by rays, many of whom spend their time lying motionless and largely obscured by the sea floor waiting to ambush unwary prey like Steve Irwin.