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I had a prescription filled two weeks ago and doubted the local pharmacist's integrity when she told me otherwise but here it is...



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Some tips on how to deal with the discontinuation of benzos..valium and other 'Z Drugs'.

And this deals with valium in particular

But don't be confused......diazepam is still available in one of a number of different brands e.g. Apo-Diazepam but many even myself feel that the Valium brand was better although I don't know if this is a placebo response even now. Thankfully I haven't had any for a week now and am starting to sleep again but still have a few residuals like the tinnitus (ringing in the ears), light sensivity, stomach pain. I had been taking up to 50mg/day but reduced down to 20mg/day over a week and then cold turkey. I've done it too many times now and I am feeling as if my body really doesn't want to know about these drugs which are notorious for their stress on the liver.

I think it is a matter of training myself to take 'drug holidays' far more frequently and to try and reduce my intake of Biodone too.

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Although it frustrates me, I am a little glad that my doc does not give me any valium (I guess I should say diazepam) scripts greater than 2mg. They're a very easy substitute on days when we have no cash for gear, or, like today, when we cannot get on until after dark. Chemical time-killers, mood elevators, whatever they are, their withdrawal takes more than a week so don't expect to be over the worst yet.

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Nothing really, Roche has a procedure whereby drugs are discontinued a certain time after their patent expires and in 2013 Valium celebrated a troublesome 40th birthday.

Most people have been using the generics for years now and diazepam will continue to be a staple pharmaceutical like it's cousins into the foreseeable future. They are a useful almost necessary adjunct to urban living where stress arises from root causes that doctors usually don't want to spend the time, and stress, dealing with and even if they do the patient doesn't.

They become problematic when they are consumed to excess and for a long period as we would expect. Talking with my neighbours I find that next door and upstairs both use them but in very different ways, one takes half a Kalma which I think amounts to .5mg alprazolam while the other takes diazepam, oxazepam and oxycodone (Endone 5mg)the benzos in a rather haphazard way. She is severely congested and is on a walker some of the time. Robust youth and vigour enables people to tolerate severe abuse perhaps but a congestive heart condition is sign of a departed youthful vigour. A sign to peel off behaviours that place an unecessary burden on organ systems