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Junkie site updated

So, don't think this site is abandoned. Every year i shill out another chunk of my wage to renew hosting.

Burmese govt vows action against drug traffickers

Burma’s government has pledged to take strong action against drug producers and traffickers across the country.

The 'plug in' seems to have been upgraded.

At a glance it seems like this version has features that were absent from the first.

Johnny Htoo working with KNU

While perusing the news from home at I noticed in the article about a possible summit between armed groups that leading the talks was

POPE DIES! Beatification awaits approval of new Pope.

Canonization is probably not far off for Hey Seuss certainly the most saintly of popes in the past few centuries.

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Another day

I have been immersed in an obsessive/compulsive state focussed around a book about World War 1. Sleeping a few hours per day without any benzos and barely any cannabis which is good for my health provided I eat sufficiently and excercise routinely. If I am doing little more than lying in bed reading incessantly it doesn't feel like it's good for my health. It's not without reason however; a library loan I have to return the book in a month so I can't put it down for long for fear that I will not get the full dose of mindboggling accounts of the depths of human misery in all its forms.

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An average day

What to write?

It's a common question in my head.  I read many books, they're sometimes entertaining, sometimes dull but educational (the literary equivalent of porridge), sometimes they revolutionise how I see things.   That last category is something that seems to happen less and less these days.  Perhaps the brain is wired to accept revolutionary thoughts when you're 20 to 30 years old, and as you age, the brain resists attempts to have the status quo overthrown.

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This is one in a series of movies which I had seen decades ago and finally got around to downloading it and the other two in a series. At the very end of this movie are three prophecies from the Hopi Indians about 'the Endtimes'. I was taken by one and thought to see what I might find.


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This doesn't fit my criteria for a 'News' item and the same goes for 'Reviews' so here's a blog item to help those readers who might be looking for some interesting listening. is something I came across when listening to Radio National on the ABC. You can find the frequency for your area at  this site where you will find plenty of interesting material from all ABC stations.


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Volcano capped. Laval flow ceased.

In other blogs I have referred to a residence in Baynes St at Margate. 'Around Here' gives a taste of social life in one of the most dysfunctional places I have ever lived in.



                                The view of Baynes St residence from my balcony


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In trying to give the whole story I found myself going off in tangents. Eventually it was necessary to exercise some discipline and edit out all that wasn't specifically concerned with the period beginning at the outset of a road trip from Mae Hong Son and finishing with my arrival in Australia. Details of circumstances surrounding my incarceration emerge in other blogs.

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Out and About

The first rainy day for some months, really a drizzle more than serious rain, and ideal conditions to poke around at odd jobs at home and to enjoy a nice cozy bed and some short stories by Maugham. Saturdays are the most suitable days to go through what it takes to get market value on a 'q' i.e. a 1/4 ounce or 7gms of standard issue hydro from a contact that has stood the test of time, must be 20 years by now.

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What a Waste!

So, I'm back on track one might say, using the 'Usage Tracker' and already I have noticed a slight moderation in my behaviour with Benzos. I think about it more often and think about how much I take at any time. Like 4 o'clock this morning when I took 5mg instead of 10-15mg, and still I managed a solid 4hr sleep.

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Waiting for the chook fruit to cool

Waking up with a persistent tinnitus to see that 50mg of yesterday's Biodone is still un touched by my bed and I am feelin noticeably more robust than the morning before I filled my script which I had waited a week for.

With 10mg diazepam dissolving in my mouth I sit at the pc with a cup of weak, sweet black tea and resolve to resume using the tracker. A point I have been wrestling with in my head.

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A change is as good.....

And a major change at that. After spending near enough to five years in a tiny bedsit in a complex for 'Transitional Housing' where accommodation consisted of a bedsit ready furnished with a double bed, lounge, bedside table, kitchen table, microwave, stove, fridge and washing machine, nobody who had been living for two years in a rooming house in Fortitude Valley for those homeless who don't want to sleep rough would pass up such a self-contained dwelling a few minutes walk from a magnificent beachfront location was truly idyllic.



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