Shrooms, Blue Meanies

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This is one in a series of movies which I had seen decades ago and finally got around to downloading it and the other two in a series. At the very end of this movie are three prophecies from the Hopi Indians about 'the Endtimes'. I was taken by one and thought to see what I might find.


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A Modern Squattocracy


Shroom: A Cultural History of the Magic Mushroom

Written by Andy Letcher this 300 page volume looks at hallucinogenic mushrooms from all angles and it covers them all pretty thoroughly, published first in 2007 it must be among the most recent of the authoritative books to come out on this subject which seems to be growing in popularity.


Your data

It's a question that pretty much everyone I have spoken to about this site has raised.

"Why would I put my usage history on this site? Aren't I just helping the police?"

To start, I'd like to point out that I have been entering my usage data on this site's predecessor since 2006 and have never been raided or experienced anything to indicate that publishing such data was detrimental. And that data was completely publicly available - anyone who desired to could see that I had used heroin just ten minutes before, and how much I had spent.

silk road

so saw this shit about this encoded website called silk road where u can apparently purchase your pick of illicit substances.. tried to find it. not an easy find on google . but there was the original news article taht lead to it getting on tv. so u have to download this browser package called TOR which encodes all incoming and outgoing traffic... it got a bit complicated at that point. they use regular mail. the journalist who tried it got his delivery.. so has anyone tried it looked for it. why do i even care. can't take drugs at the moment anyway?

The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross

The book was first published in 1970 but the author had written a couple of books on the Dead Sea Scrolls previously since he was on the team of scholars which first studied them until he had a falling out. Rather than a book about drugs this one is more a look at the origins of Christianity and drew quite a deal of criticism from Catholicism predictably enough.

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