Diacetyl morphine


With a name like this it is de riguer it be first on this catalogue. Coming from the scene around Andy Warhol and the Factory in 1964 (released in '67) put the Velvets firmly in the mould of freaks and their songs alluding to drug use added to the myth but afficionados of the band are usually captivated as much by the lyrical, melodic and joyful qualities of the music as well as the direct, witty, sardonic and schmaltzy lyrics.

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Drug War - 'A failure'

THE Foreign Affairs Minister, Bob Carr, is among a group of prominent Australians who have declared the ''war on drugs'' a failure in the most significant challenge to drug laws in decades.

Love and Addiction

Stanton Peele
with Archie Brodsky

©1975, 1991 by Stanton Peele and Archie Brodsky
Reprinted with permission from Taplinger Publishing Co., Inc.
ISBN # 0-8008-5041-6

Naked Lunch

A classic novel of the Twentieth Century. Challenges reality, queries the dominant culture of its time, and is confronting today, over half a century later, as it was when published. The reader follows the narration of junkie William Lee, who takes on various aliases, from the US to Mexico, eventually to Tangier and the dreamlike Interzone.


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