Diacetyl morphine

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A world full of junk

The twenty first century has got off to a strong start for all consumers, bred from a century of war they are so full of trepidation there is nothing that cannot serve as an obstacle to achieving anything worthwhile. Those with such a thin skin even cyberspace leaves them open to attack, settle for a paycheck to pay off the man and get the corpus to work and back.

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A Modern Squattocracy


The Hunt for Khun Sa

Who better to review a book about the hunt for Khun Sa than one of the men who was there, published in SHAN Drug Watch.

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A post industrial village

Remember village life? It was glorious especially in a not too tropical not too temperate climate beside or near a good river with a few decent creeks around and plenty of room to grow, collect and hunt food and other necessities. Life was hard but so were we and what couldn't be endured usually killed us so acceptance was easy. Education wasn't too good but there was plenty of work opportunities and that's always where the real learning takes place.

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The power of a cold

I awoke at 4am yesterday with the concrete realisation that I would not be going in to work. A cold that was just a talking point when I had gone to bed had promoted itself to being totally in charge of my destiny for the foreseeable future.

What impresses me about sickness like this is the way it removed my normal desire for opiate intake. When I went to bed later that night I had scored only once (been using 3 times a day lately) and had only drunk a quarter of my normal metro takeaway dose.

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Why Cold Turkey is Molecular Murder

New Scientist

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Pain perception

"a long period of chronic pain is is preferred to a significantly shorter period of mild discomfort with peaks of acute pain." 'Thinking, Fast and Slow' Daniel Kahneman, 2011 978 1 84614 055 6

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Heroin is Harmless


At a hearing to determine the future of heroin on April 3rd 1924, a congressional committee heard evidence from many expert witnesses.

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It's so cold in Alaska

Snapshot, me at 41.

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SSA seeks to alleviate fear over drug policy

Following its agreement to cooperate with Naypyitaw on 19 May in Kengtung, Shan State East capital, the Restoration Council of Shan State / Shan State Army (RCSS/SSA) has been holding public meetings to ease fears that it may be waging a shooting war in conjunction with the Burma Army against dru


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