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Life Keith Richards

So the front cover of the edition I read goes while the spine has 'Keith Richards Life', since mine comes from the library a catalogue sticker covers the word 'Life' on the spine. All that is neither here nor there but the fact that the book was written with James Fox (no not the co-star of 'Performance' with Mick and Anita) is worthy of note and he gets due mention on the title page and on the inside/back of the dust jacket. The book reads pretty much as a monologue with Keith as first person and is interspersed with various characters contributing their version of events.

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Convincing international community biggest challenge for war-on-drugs critics: researcher

The Burmese military is clearly involved in the drug production and trade in Burma but convincing the international community would be the most daunting task, according to a British researcher speaking to researchers in Chiangmai last week.


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Naloxone/Overdose Seminar

Naloxone/Overdose Seminar (Naloxone Distribution Project)

A harm reduction initiative for Brisbane’s opiate users.

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PS Hoffman's Death

In all the articles I have read after Philip Seymour Hoffman's death, two ideas/stories added something worthwhile

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Sewage measures drug usage

An interesting article on a scientist's collation of data on drug levels in sewage - showing weekend spikes in recreationals and a steady dose of methadone - what I would have expected.

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Drug trade consolidating Burmese Army control over Shan State

By offering drugs as financial means to local militias, the Burma Army has been successfully extending its grip inside areas hitherto denied by rebel presence, says a recent case study by Ph.D candidate.

Burma in Revolt; Opium and Insurgency Since 1948

This is perhaps the most authoritative and useful books on the subjects of insurgency and the drug trade in Burma. At over 500 pages including 5 Appendices and complete with index, bibliography, maps, time lines and photographs the book’s main attraction is the thorough and well researched material that Lintner has managed to accrue over decades of travel across the top of Myanmar particularly the Shan States. A high regard for his published work on the drug trade in Asia puts him at the top of his field.


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“Taiwan” killed Shan leader in 1978

Taunggyi — One of the biggest mysteries in the history of the Shan resistance was who had assassinated the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army (SSPP/SSA)’s most colorful military leader Col Sam Möng (Zarm Mong) in 1978 and why.

Thrash Unreal

You get mixed up with the wrong guys. 
You get messed up on the wrong drugs. 
Sometimes the party takes you places that you didn’t really plan on going. 
When people see the track marks on her arms she knows what they’re thinking. 
She keeps on working for that minimum, 
as if a high school education gave you any other options, you know. 
They don’t know nothing about redemption. 
They don’t know nothing about recovery. 
Some people just aren't the type for marriage and family.


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